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The Memorial Garden is a place for prayer and meditation. Its columbarium contains individual places designed to hold a standard box of ashes. Places are marked with black stone markers which will be replaced by a standard bronze plaque after burial.


Past and present Board of Directors, contributors to present and

past capital campaigns, and attendees at St. Andrews Chapel are

eligible to reserve a plot in the columbarium. Immediate family

members of the above are also eligible. All applications are to be

approved by the Board of Directors or designated committee.


A plot in the columbarium is secured by a $300 contribution if paid

at the time of burial. Plots may be reserved with a contribution of 

$250. Purchased plots may only be sold to St. Andrews Chapel.

Available plot locations may be chosen at the time of a reservation.


Ministers to perform a burial service will be obtained by the family, and we require that a minister be present at the time of interment. A standard brass plaque of eight by three inches of raised letters will be placed and secured over the top of the buried ashes with the following standard wording:


                   In Loving Memory of:

                     Name of deceased

             Date of birth    Date of death 



The cost of the plaque is approximately $180

and is to be paid by the deceased family.

The Chair Person of the Memorial Committee will

assist in purchasing the plaque.


Applications for interment are available at the

Chapel during times the Chapel is open.

At other times, contact Julie Heinitsh

Her telephone is {828) 506-1242 and her

e-mail is:













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