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St Andrews Chapel is self-supporting from contributions and Sunday offerings.  These funds are used for honorariums for our ministers, upkeep of the Chapel, and outreach to worthy non-profit organizations in Transylvania County. 

St Andrews Chapel is governed by a Board of Directors. The Current Board members are:

Julie Heinitsh - Chairman                 Bob Hamilton - Vice Chairman

John Heinitsh - Treasurer                 Chris Craft- Asst. Treasurer

Mimi Graham - Secretary                 Jerry Brown  

Ann Brown                                     Bud Craft 

Cindi Craft                                      Mary Anne Hamilton 

Jan Porges                                      Martha Gilliam                                     Charles Simon                                 Jeanne Simon

Kris Visk                                         Mark Visk 





If you wish to provide altar flowers as a thanksgiving or as a memorial for a Sunday service, please contact any Board member.








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