St Andrews is self-supporting from contributions and Sunday offerings. Our outreach for 2018 went to S.A.F.E.; Toxaway Health Center and Lake Toxaway

Community Center.

St Andrews Chapel is governed by a Board of Directors. The Current Board members are:


Jerry and Ann Brown                    Bob Hamilton - Vice Chairman​

David Burchfield                           Mary Anne Hamilton

Sally Burchfield- Treasurer             Julie Heinitsh -Chairman

Bud Craft                                     John Heinitsh

Chris Craft- Asst. Treasurer             Pfilip and Ann Hunt

Cindy Craft                                   Janet Porges

Wes and Susie Dickman                 Charles and Jeanne Simon

Sandra Eyster                                Kirk Smith

Martha Gilliam                               Judy Termin

Mimi Graham - Secretary

               Ruth Cech, Organist and Worship Coordinator

                           ALTAR FLOWERS

If you wish to provide altar flowers as a

thanksgiving or as a memorial for

a  Sunday service, please contact any

Board member.